This project is a personal work made as a conclusion of my three years at Nerdo Studio. It was an amazing experience and we felt to conclude with something big like a short movie.


Nerdo gave me total freedom about what to do. The main point for me was trying to start from a solid concept that could gave a sense of storytelling to the short and not just doing a style exercise.


The main concept is based on the willing to represent the effort and the sacrifice that every athlete has to put to achieve their goal. The secret for success is training, and it means to repeat yourself every single day. But I wanted to focus on those little actions which athletes have to deal with every single day, put them together to create the symphony of sport.




Art Direction, Design, Editing, Lighting and Animation



/ NerdoStudio

Executive Creative Direction

Diego Pizziconi

Executive Creative Direction

Diego Pizziconi

Music & Sound Design

Alessandro Levrero