Microsoft – One Drive AppStore Video

OneDrive is the bridge that simplifies the way you interact with your files on the cloud. It’s more than just storage; it’s the freedom to access, share, and cherish your moments from anywhere in the world.
In our journey to capture the essence of OneDrive, we drew inspiration from the ethereal nature of clouds—soft, ever-evolving, and adaptable. Our design ethos reflects this fluidity through a fusion of tactile materials, diffused lighting, and a symphony of playful shapes and calm colors. The palette, predominantly composed of soothing blues, underscores a feeling of reliability and unwavering trust.






/ NotReal

Creative Direction

Milton Gonzalez, Valeria Moreiro

Executive Production

Roberto Connolly, Larissa Miranda

Creative Project Manager

Martin Orza, Mercedes Ginzo

Art Direction

Lu Borzi

Animation Direction

Macarena Mosquera

Project Manager

Sofia Lopez Pumarega

Storyboard Artists

Martin Orza, Milton Gonzalez

3D Design

Juan Cioffi, Victor Teixeira, Florencia Tasso, Joan Garcia Pons, Friedrich Neumann, Josefina Llano, Carolina Carballo

2D Design

Lu Borzi, Martin Orza

3D Animation

Federico Piccirillo, Macarena Mosquera, Nicolas Piccirilli, Alex Loud, Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga

2D Animation

Macarena Mosquera, Nicolas Piccirilli


Macarena Mosquera, Juan Cioffi

Composition & Color Grading

mauricio Navas

Sound Design

Fabrizio Martini