Windows 11 Phone Link

We had the pleasure to produce the latest Windows 11 Campaign, (re)introducing Phone Link: use your phone – Android or iOS! – from your Windows 11 PC.
In this project, we wanted to establish a state of flow through visuals with excitement and a clear message at the same time. Something unique and identifiable for others.
Thus, under the concept of “The Power of the Unexpected” we’ve built this beautiful campaign.
We developed realistic environments, using sleek colours and everyday objects, that reflect each one of the audiences that we were portraying.
The main goal was to highlight their unique universe and emphasise the flow of the everyday life in a natural way.
Additionally, our proposal was also to get visually engaging with varied levels & depths in our frames.





3D Animation


/ NotReal

Creative Direction

Milton Gonzalez

Executive Production

Roberto Connoly, Larissa Miranda

Creative Project Manager

Martin Orza

Art Direction

Lu Bonzi

Animation Direction

Milton Gonzalez

Storyboard Artist

Martin Orza, Milton Gonzalez, Carolina Ghisolfi, Rocio Elbaum

3D Design

Linus Zoll, Liam Henderson, Vitor Teixeira, Florencia Tasso, Carolina Carballo, Juan Cioffi, Simon Appel, Juan Garcia Pons, Rob Juarez, Marta Trigueros

2D Design

Macarena Mosquera

Lead 3D Animator

Macarena Mosquera

3D Animation

Federico Piccirillo, Marcus Bakke, Edgar Ferre, Sergio Fuego

2D Animation

Macarena Mosquera


Macarena Mosquera, Sergio Fuego

Composition & Color Grading

Milton Gonzalez, Maurizio Navas

Sound Design

Fabrizio Martini